About Amu

September 2019… New content coming soon!

Amu started his musical journey on his 14th birthday when he was handed his first guitar. It was not long after that he found his voice and a thirst for performing. Amu then went on to study Music and Performance at Canterbury University where his passion for sound saw him receive distinction honours.

In the early days Amu toured the London circuit playing the many bar and clubs, honing his talent and earning his trade in such famous venues as The Bull and Gate in Camden, The Scala in Kings Cross, The Rock Garden in Covent Garden and The Halfmoon at Putney.

Later on Amu played in bands, acoustic duos and trios as he networked his way around the South East forming life long friendships and the respect of his peers.

Now Amu offers his many years of performing experience for you on your special day. He has performed at a number of prestigious wedding venues including Eastwell Manor, Cooling Castle and Brandshatch Place and Spa plus many many more.